What is Launch Terre Haute?

Launch Terre Haute is an open and collaborative workspace for freelancers, independents, and start-ups.  Our goal is to create and encourage an environment of open collaboration.  Additionally we collaborate with groups such as Verge Indy, Launch Fishers and Launch Indiana to foster a state wide effort of entrepreneurism and innovation.

The main workspace is one open room with tables, a bar area, conference table and workout desks!  Tables can be moved for added space.  Additionally we have a breakout conference room for additional privacy.  Want to work with a few folks in the corner, move your desks, want to be right in the middle of everyone throwing ideas around, and helping with a tough code problem, that works too! We are the Wabash Valley's first and only co-work space.

Need a cool meeting place downtown?  Reserve our conference room today!   

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Launch Terre Haute

619 Cherry St.
Terre Haute, IN  47802


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