VERGE Terre Haute Meetup

Kicking things off and leading us up to our fireside chat, Tech expert Ashu Jaiswal will share his insights on 'Robo-Advisors'.

What is a Robo-Advisor?

"A robo-advisor is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven virtual financial advisor. Robo-advisors are a type of expert system optimized for financial services.

A robo-advisor is one example of a software robot, not a physical robot and therefore not technically a robot at all. However, the software supporting robo-advisors does function similarly to the AI that might drive a robot. Investors communicate with their robo-advisors through smartphone apps or over the web." -Margaret Rouse,

"Before long, machines powered by artificial intelligence will become a core capability that pervades every dimension of the business, enabling a more productive relationship between
people and machines. The future winners of the digitized economy will embrace intelligent robots as a springboard for new growth and innovation, rethinking what they do across every area of the enterprise." May 9th, 2016 by -Jesper Nordström,

Next up - Flying Robots - aka Drones, are becoming mainstream fast and smart people are taking advantage of the opportunities created.

Enter 'Pierce Aerospace'

"All data. One location. Forever. 
Flight Portal is a cloud based drone logbook. It automatically generates and submits compliance reports for enterprise fleets and individual pilots with the push of one button.In addition to logging, Flight Portal enhances situational awareness, improves maintenance, tracks resources, and utilizes a safety management system."

Aaron Pierce saw the opportunity in drone compliance and ran with it!

So who is Aaron? Here is just a sample of what makes Aaron Pierce tick: Aaron Pierce got started in aviation in 2006 when he joined a volunteer organization that restored and operated UH-1H Huey helicopters for educational and veteran events. He also interned in a PR role with Rally America while in college and later worked PR/Marketing for rally car teams, including leading a campaign to the X Games in Los Angeles, and is a professional

Join us to hear how Aaron and his amazing board of advisers started and built this mashup of Drones, Compliance and the Cloud.

Are you integrating AI into your business? Should you?

See you on the 16th!