Originally published on Tribstar.com, by Lisa Trigg on October 25, 2017

Bringing a great idea to reality can be a real challenge when all potential investors say, “No, thanks” before you finish your sales pitch.

That’s the roadblock one entrepreneur presented to the panelists at the second annual Fail Fest conference Wednesday.

“That’s when you pivot,” said Teresa Sabatine, a film commissioner who has experienced her share of “failure” leading her to coach others on changes they can make to be successful in their lives. “You ask people about themselves first so you can see what will interest them, and then you present your idea to spark their interest.”

Getting that kind of suggestion was part of the networking and experience sharing at the event, which celebrates the role failure — and going onward — plays in moving careers, companies and communities forward.

Shelley Klingerman, executive director of Launch Terre Haute and the event organizer, said Fail Fest’s intent is to redefine failure and encourage startup companies and entrepreneurs to pivot for change, not just give up when an idea flops…

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