So, you’re tired of always working from your kitchen table or the coffee shop. Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, you may be thinking about joining a coworking space, but just can’t get yourself to commit…yet.

Each year, more and more entrepreneurs and freelancers are deciding to share an environment full of collaborative, talented individuals. Here at Launch Terre Haute, our membership-based coworking space is available to independent contractors, freelancers, entrepreneurs and startup companies. We have a little bit of everything and everyone here!

Launch was built to form an environment for like-minded people and give them a place where their ideas can become reality. At Launch, we make it our mission to not only help our members in succeeding, we work to grow business within our community. The best part is when our members share resources and tips with each other, supporting their business growth.

Why would you give up your ability to be able to work in pajamas, get up whenever you want and add an extra cost to the budget? Well, here are five reasons why:

  • Networking – When you’re around other entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to work together, gain new clients, bounce thoughts and ideas off of each other and so much more. (A core reason why Launch was created!)
  • You have separation from work and home – We all know it’s hard to find the balance between work and personal life, but if you only work from home, that separation can be nonexistent. You don’t have to go into Launch every day, but being able to have your home be your second-choice workspace, can help you put that balance into place.
  • Affordability – Sure, it sounds expensive handing out a year’s membership right away, but there are payment options. Membership for Launch is $499 per year and if you can’t or don’t want to shell out the money now, you can pay monthly at $49/mo. We’re here to support you at Launch, not break you.
  • Accessibility – You have a ton of amenities to help you through your day here at Launch. Not only do you have 24/7 access, you have: secure, fast WIFI, printer, scanner, pedal workstations, access to our digital networking platform and a kitchenette area so you can eat last nights leftovers and make some coffee (or tea if that’s your thing). We also have options to have your own business mailbox, or rent one of our dedicated office spaces for an additional monthly amount.
  • Opportunities – There are SO many events that you can get involved with through Launch. We have multiple events each week that range from podcast workshops, leadership presentations, tech night, and so many more. Going to events like these will help you grow your network, meet potential clients and learn new business aspects. (Which again, is a big reason why Launch was created!)

Now that you are on board to becoming a member of Launch, you need to know how to make it official.

  • Contact us here
  • Reach out to us on our Facebook page
  • Call us at 812-244-2762
  • Simply stop in and see us at 619 Cherry Street

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Join Launch today!