What to Expect at Fail Fest


One of our most beloved events of the year takes place October 3, 2018, and we cannot wait! If you haven’t attended a Fail Fest before, you’re certainly in for a treat.

Fail Fest is a celebration of failure, centered around the idea that we can’t reach our best successes without a few failures along the way. It’s important to remember that not every idea will be a great one and that those we can’t bring to fruition will surely teach us some essential lessons to improve our perspective moving forward, especially in the entrepreneurial community.

So, join us Wednesday, October 3rd at the Indiana Theatre

Our speakers are incredible. We spend the year before Fail Fest curating a list of diverse and knowledgeable speakers, ready to share their stories of failure with the Wabash Valley. Including folks from different genders, backgrounds, and business endeavors, our speaker lineup provides Fail Fest attendees with a range of topics and discussions to chew on over the course of a day that will leave you inspired and ready to work hard!


Speakers for Fail Fest 2018:


Lonnie Bedwell, Harnessing the Power of Vision

Brigadier General Ret. Hauser, The Day Failure Was Not an Option

Ellie Symes, Bringing Your Bee Game

Stephanie Corliss, Bumpy Roads

John Qualls, How I Turned My Biggest Life Lesson Into a Tattoo

Brian Vanden Broucke, Are Nine Lives Really Enough?

Suzie Jaworowski, Perseverance & The Presidency: How f Failed Bid for State Office Led to the Presidential Campaign

Garrett Mintz, From Drug Dealer to CEO

Brad Niemeier, Culture Fail

Danielle McDowell, It’s All About the Exit

Ross David, Forgetting How Far You’ve Come

You can learn more about these speakers and see the full schedule here at FailFest.us.


Join us to hear local, regional, and national speakers share their personal stories and experiences of how failure played a role in their ultimate success. And remember, as Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” With this line up of speakers, you’re sure to walk away with insights, motivation and maybe a few tricks to help you pivot and find your greatest success yet.

If you haven’t already, purchase your ticket for Fail Fest today! And, follow along in the conversations with us on Twitter @LaunchTH using #FailFest