There’s no better way to embrace 2019 than by doing something for yourself, your business, your ideas, or your dreams. This year, do something for all of those things and consider joining Launch Terre Haute. As a community of innovators, we work together to solve problems and support each other. Here are the top reasons why you should join Launch Terre Haute this year.

It’ll grow your network.

While we’re adamant that our purpose in not solely for networking, we can’t deny that it’ll help extend your personal circle and grow your relationships with others who could be of use to you in professional situations. At Launch, you’ll make friends, meet people with skills that complement yours, and build professional relationships.

It gives you routine and structure.

And the best part is that you can mold that to fit whatever works for you. With a membership, our space is available to you 24 hours a day. So if you like to work at night, you’re all set! However, most folks find that having an “office” to work remotely from gives them more motivation. Launch makes it easy to arrive at the same time and leave at the same time every day.


Although most of our events are free and open to the public, as a member, you’ll have first access to all the details and be more apt to join in if you’re already in the space. We work really hard to engage with the community and provide as many resources as possible to those in the entrepreneurial space. Take advantage of that with our events and get togethers!

Just take a look at some of our upcoming events!

It’s built for you.

We all like to have pajama work days every now and then but we all know that working remotely creates a lot of distractions—your bed, the TV, a small desk. In our space, we work hard to ensure that there are plenty of options optimized for your benefit. We’ve got communal workspaces, conference rooms, and even offices that can be rented out month to month. And, if you like to relax a bit while you work, we do have two pretty sweet recliners to work from.

Work/life balance.

Ah, yes. The elusive balance that we’re all looking for, especially as freelancers or small business owners. Luckily, a coworking space can help you find it. Working from home makes the difference between home and work a little blurry. Some people have it all figured out, but some of us need a little more definition. That’s where Launch comes in. We’re able to serve as a space for you to go, work, and leave it if you must.


We do love all those freelancers and business people we see working remotely at coffee shops. But how much coffee can one person drink, really?! We have plenty of coffee in our space, and even a water cooler you can gather round if you want to.  We’re like the coffee shop without the distractions and limited seating.

As you envision what 2019 looks like for you, ask yourself if our coworking space will help you reach your goals. (We say YES!) Make this year the best one yet! If you’ve got questions or would like to schedule a tour, email or contact us online!