Want to complete a podcast? Launch Terre Haute has you covered.

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If you want to put a professional touch on your podcast by having it professionally post edited, made ready to air and automatically hosted on popular podcast sites, our podcast studio is for you!

Removing the umms, dead air and background hiss are crucial if you want a professionally sounding podcast. By having our podcast experts do the post editing, all you have to do is record. We will then push the final ready-to-air podcast to a podcast host that can be shared to any podcast site like iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, etc. Our studio will also have soundproof foam and be fully furnished to provide a welcoming and professional environment that will also be great for pictures.

Podcast Studio Pricing

All Launch Terre Haute sponsors and members have access to our podcast studio at no charge. Non-members may also use the studio for a small fee of $30 per hour. You must bring your own SD card to save the recording.

Below are some additional editing services and options for your podcast. You may choose any or all of the options below.

  • $18.00 per episode podcast show (multiple episodes) per month – Podcast hosting with RSS feed. Podcasts can then be put on Google Play, SoundCloud, iTunes, etc.
  • $23.00 per episode – Write podcast show notes from the audio. Important for search engines to find and list the podcast based on content.
  • $45.00 per podcast show – Pro intro (Optional) – Can be used with ALL episodes of same podcast. Includes commercial license to use at will for any reason.
  • $68.00 per episode – Remove dead air, umms, background hiss, adjust volume levels, etc.

Interested in booking the podcast studio or learning more, simply contact us today!