Community Partners

A Rising Tide Raises All Ships
  Hey, we can’t do it alone. Since the very beginning we have enjoyed community support, and our partners continually step up to share our stories along the way. Together, we have grown the concept of coworking in Terre Haute and shown how it can impact economic growth and community development.

Media partners help tell the stories of our members and our work, and share the exciting developments within our coworking space that impact the progressĀ and evolutionĀ of our community.

Educational partners like Indiana State University and Rose Hulman Intstitute of Technology continue to inspire students with entrepreneurial spirit and connect them with assets like Launch, where we can facilitate personal growth, extend their network, and stregthen their connection to Terre Haute.

We also work closely with other local not for profit entities to better the live-work-play trifecta that has become the hallmark of successful 21st century communities.

Together, we are strong.

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