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Tech Night at Launch – Net Neutrality Repeal Gets Real!

January 16 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

So far the internet is still alive and well. Nothing blew up and my internet cost is still the same. But what will the future hold for the free world? Who will the winners and losers be? How will it affect you in 2018? Let’s discuss the Net Neutrality repeal at Tech Night on Tuesday, January 16th in Launch Terre Haute.

Food and Drinks will be on hand!  Be sure to RSVP so we have a good head count and bring your friends. 

Share the event on your social accounts and include the hashtag #TechNightAtLaunch

Everyone has an opinion about the Net Neutrality repeal, and here are some good discussions to fuel your thought until the 16th…

…on one side:

Fox News says:

“The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made the right move Thursday when it undid an Obama-era power grab commonly referred to as “net neutrality,” ending the agency’s micro-management of the internet.

The FCC action benefits consumers and ensures that the internet will be free from burdensome government control.”


USAToday says:

“Consider one familiar, long-established industry. What if the federal government forced grocery stores to carry every conceivable food item?

Grocery stores have strong incentive to give their shoppers as many choices as possible. If a store chooses not to sell a product, it risks losing customers to competitors that carry that product. Broadband providers operate under the same restraint. They have every incentive to offer their customers maximum access to the Internet’s sites and services.”


…and on the other side:

digg.com says:

“The internet has become a utility that is as fundamental as electricity. It’s almost impossible to find or apply to well-paying jobs without it. 20% of Americans aren’t connected to the internet, mostly because of its price. With the end of net neutrality and more costly internet prices, that number may increase, which would increase the number of people unable to access fundamental job services, education and communication.”


See you on the 16th!



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