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Membership FAQs
How much is a membership?
Membership is $499 per year.


Can I pay monthly?
Yes! Our ‘pay as you go’ membership fee is $49.00 per month auto-billed.
Space FAQs
Can I rent a private office?

Yes. If you require more privacy than the common area provides, you may want to consider renting one of our small offices for $400 a month. Note that these offices are subject to availability.

Are there conference rooms available?

Yes, the conference room inside our space can be used for free by members. It’s often a breakout room for impromptu meetings or phone calls, but keep in mind that the room can be reserved at any time by members or sponsors. In addition, we’re lucky to be a tenant of The Deming building and can enjoy the use of their conference rooms on a first come, first served basis.

How do I reserve a conference room?

Conference rooms can be reserved by using your member login information through the events calendar.

Can I attend the networking or business events held at Launch?

Yes. We have programming and events that take place throughout the year that members are welcome to attend.

Can I receive mail at Launch?
Yes. If you’re looking for a proper mailing address for your business, we have mailboxes available for rent for $10 a month, subject to availability.
Is there assigned seating within the common areas?
We’re not your third-grade teacher, so the short answer is no. Although members tend to stick to their favorite spots, it’s always open seating and our space is flexible enough to accommodate both individuals and groups.
Can I bring my lunch?

Of course. We have a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator. Also, our downtown location provides you with several options for food!

Are there refreshments?

We have a Keurig stocked, which is funded by tips on the honor system. If you’re a coffee drinker (aren’t we all?), just throw a few bucks in the tip jar every now and then.

Etiquette FAQs
What’s expected of me as a member?
General etiquette and consideration in a common space where others are working is expected.  In general, don’t be a jerk! For more information on what’s expected, head here.
How much noise can I make?
We’re not a night club, but we’re certainly not a library. Reasonable amounts of ambient noise should be expected, but please utilize headphones when watching endless hours of cat videos on YouTube. Many of our members also make phone calls within the space, but if you’re a loud talker, you might consider stepping into the common areas of The Deming.          
Can I bring my friends in?
This is YOUR membership. If you’re collaborating with others and need to use the space from time to time, that’s okay and we always welcome new faces. Just keep in mind that we’re all here to maintain the integrity of a membership-based space.
Can I network at Launch?
There are natural opportunities to collaborate with members of the space. We’re not, however, a place to sell your goods and services. Although the members of Launch may provide you with business opportunities through their own networks, we hope you’ll find inspiration in the space rather than use it as a sales platform.
Can I buy one membership for my entire team?
Trying to pull one over on us, huh? We understand that you might have a small team of people working on a project and we encourage and thrive on this kind of collaboration, but paying for one membership for a group of people to work on a consistent basis is not what the space is designed for.

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