On Tuesday, March 13th 2018, the Sullivan City Council gave it’s blessing to join Launch Terre Haute’s mission of regional expansion into Sullivan County Indiana.

This expansion into Sullivan County is partly funded by a recent IEDC grant geared towards regional community innovation.

The focus of Innovate Sullivan will be on coding crash courses, community innovation competitions, high school career exploration and a ‘Launch and Learn’ innovation series.

A local advisory board made up of Sullivan county entrepreneurs, business leaders and forward thinking individuals has been formed and will help steer the direction of Innovate Sullivan.

Our goal is to retain our local and regional talent by building a community of 21st century innovators, building on what Launch Terre Haute has done and continues to do in Vigo county.

With the launch of Innovate Sullivan we are forging new paths in Sullivan county and beyond with 21st century coding courses, innovation workshops, IOT workshops, startup pitch events, networking meetups and even niche food startup meetups.

Upcoming Events:

As software now drives this modern data economy, we began with an ‘Intro to Coding’ crash course(coding=creating software, websites and apps) on May 12th to begin building a 21st century culture in Sullivan County that will attract and retain our top talent.

Three more ‘Intro to Coding’ crash courses will be taking place in Sullivan this year. The next class will take place on July 28th. Location to be announced. Keep an eye out for a registration email coming soon.

June 8th, 2018 will be the 1st of many Innovation Workshops hosted by Centric Indiana at the Sullivan Civic Center. This 1st workshop is titled: ‘GOING BEYOND THE VOICE OF THE CONSUMER’ Getting the voice of the consumer would be great if consumers could only tell you what it is that they want or need. Understanding their unarticulated needs is what leads to launching innovative new products and services. In this experiential session, we will share with you field-tested techniques that can help you take the understanding of your consumer to new levels. Details and registration are available here.

On June 14th, 2018 from 10am to 12pm, LHP Engineering will host an ‘Intro to IOT’ course (IOT=Internet of Things) at the Sullivan Civic Center. This fun and eye-opening experience will expose the 21st century connected world we live in. Embedded electronics, sensors, software, and telematics led to the technology trend of connectivity between “things.”  Intelligent assets are now continually connected to the environment they operate in and large amounts of data are at a company’s fingertips.  This allows for real-time improvements to their business. Details and registration are available here.

For more details or questions about Innovate Sullivan and these upcoming events please contact David Dubree, david@innovatesullivan.com.